Our Blues Legends

Jared Postance — No. 10 Nov 27, 1975 – Mar 9, 2018

Loving husband, father, and friend.
Authentic human being, dedicated Osteopathic practitioner, loyal and dependable friend and teammate.

Jared joined the Central Blues in 2007 after a club member sought him out in 2006 for off and in-season strength and conditioning. Jared was a fierce competitor on the field and had a flair for off field shenanigans. He quickly became an integral part of the Blues family.

Preseason training with Jared at the gym he co-owned, DCC, was always met with anticipation and a little bit of fear. Jared would often flash a wry smile as he explained the next drill which was sure to leave you in a puddle of your own sweat or possibly make you lose your lunch - often times both! Jared had a knack for getting the best out of you, helping you find a strength you did not know you had. Not just physically but mentally as well.

Jared was tenacious on the footy field, constantly hunting down opponents and delivering tackles that left the opposition considering soccer as a safer option. No better example could be found than in the second half of the 2010 AFL Ontario Grand Final. From a ball up in the Dingos’ defensive 50, Jared out-muscled everyone to retrieve a lose ball in a pack, then burst forward and chip-kicked the ball toward goal. A defender cut off the kick and attempted to clear their defensive 50, but #10 for the Blues wasn’t going to let that happen. Jared smothered the kick and then beat out 3 more defenders in a foot race to the goal where he poked it across the line with a sliding kick. Without a doubt, a game changing moment in what was a very close match.

Jared always put one hundred percent of himself into everything he did. His dedication and enthusiasm was contagious and made you want to be a part of it. Jared called and end to his footy career after six seasons, 35 club games, one premiership, and two AFL International Cups (2008 & 2011) where he represented Team Canada.

Even after leaving the club Jared continued to play an active role in helping players recover from injuries through his Osteopathic practice, Paths to Vitality, that he and his wife Nancy established. The club has been forever shaped by Jared - the Blues will honour his memory by striving to be competitive on the field, maintaining a welcoming environment to everyone who comes to the club, and by looking after our community and each other.

Jared’s journey with us is done; he has earned his rest. But he will live on in each of us - in our hearts and in our memories. Godspeed Jared Postance.