Match Report Women Round 2

A Blues player blocks out a Demons player to provide another Blues player a way forward. Spectators watching in the background.

Katrina provides the shepherd for Haley on the wing.

Round 2 saw the blues battling it out with the High Park Demons at Humber College. It was a challenging game as there were only 7 players on the pitch for each team. However, that did not stop the Blues who were in full force from the start. There were hard tackles/bumps and outstanding shepherds and kicking from each player. The Blues took home their second win of the season with a 94-21 victory over the Demons.

Congratulations to all players for your effort and pushing hard until the end!! A special thank you to Nicole and Junes from the roos for your support.

The Blues have a bye on June 11, but will be back on June 18 to take on the Demons for a second time.


Goal scorers:
Joanne N. (5)
Haley J. (3)
Nicole B. (2)
Nicole P. (2)
Juness R. (2)

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